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Light up the room like a Christmas tree this holiday season wearing these limited edition pair of

earrings to your virtual holiday parties

and family photoshoots!

Shining Star 18K Gold-Plated Dangle Earrings

Shining Star 18K Gold-Plated Dangle Earrings

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WE  recycle.




Only sourcing luxe pre-loved materials from reputable vendors worldwide.

We break down the purchased pre-loved materials to their original form, prepping them to be reused.

We brainstorm ideas for a renewed artistic purpose for the now raw materials in our design process. 

our design process...

We carefully incorporate 100% of the raw materials to create a sustainable yet fashionable accessory everytime.

Rainbow Stud Collection.jpg







Be visually reminded of all the good things God has promised you with our leather Rainbow Vision mini bag.  Wear it best with jewel-tone outerwear and our coordinating hat for a style statement.

Rainbow Vision Crystal-Embellished Leather Mini Bag

Rainbow Vision Crystal-Embellished Leather Mini Bag

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Why they LOVE us...

Anyone that

that knows me, knows I love palm trees! A palm tree weathers the worst of storms, it may bend, but will NEVER break. Thank you for the beautiful handmade earrings.

Such a

professional company!

unique hats? 

look no further!

i'm a sucker for

pretty packaging and let me say every purchase I've made has been delivered in just that. I love that the packaging is equally as unique and colorful as the pieces.

the quality

of these handmade pieces is outstanding. Not only are the designs simply stunning the pieces are durable. I've purchased the handbags, keychains and earrings all of which I love wearing and can't wait to buy more of!

would highly

recommend for gift-giving or splurging on something for yourself. Anytime I shop here I feel like a kid in a candy store.

the custom

earrings are so unique and adorable really the perfect fun touch to any outfit , I loved the watermelon ones and the custom made earrings , I love how I can add a touch of sparkle to any boring outfit , and have this unique style . the best place for unique gifts for that special friend or mother.

Elevate your gift-giving with this hand-painted one of a kind jewelry gift box. It snuggly fits one to two pairs of statement earrings or a leather keychain while doubling as a treasured keepsake.

New Beginnings Crystal-Embellished Butterfly Jewelry Gift Box

New Beginnings Crystal-Embellished Butterfly Jewelry Gift Box