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SIGN ME UP! : Receive FREE Fashion Tips From Jade Herself

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Have you wondered how Jade, the CEO & Designer of Jade Alycia Inc. so effortlessly puts together her rainbow looks to make each statement accessory shine? Well, now you can get her fashion FREE tips sent right to your inbox!

Jade gains her expertise from having had amazing opportunities to be hands-on with the design and style process of New York City Fashion Week shows, many red carpet events and even the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Met Gala. In each email, she will share her industry insider fashion tips with you to teach you how to color coordinate any look, ignite your inner fashionista, extend the lifecycle of your pre-existing wardrobe, show off your unique sense of style and ultimately turn you into a trendsetter.

If you aren't afraid of color, love to make a statement, want to learn how to style with ease, are ready to elevate your mindset, are longing to feel eco-chic or want to be able to set the trends what are you waiting for? Get ready to reap all the rewards! Sign up here to get your FREE fashion tips today.

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