VIRAL REELS: Our Playful New Way Of Connecting With You

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

If you haven't heard......Instagram recently dropped a new feature as a way to connect with your audience via captivating 15-second video clips. Inspired by tik tok-esk short yet alluring video style we decided to create our fashion content & take a leap of FAITH! Would you believe our very first reel went VIRAL?!

With now over 265,000 organic views and nearly 3,000 likes, our very first reel not only came as a surprise success to us, but it also became a featured post on Instagram while sharing with followers our new arrivals campaign. Within a matter of three days, our reel skyrocketed from a little over three hundred views to well over two hundred and sixty thousand views! Our 13-second video clip showed Jade Alycia playfully styling and wearing our Rainbow Vision Leather Mini Bag and Faith Vision Wool Fascinator from the 2021 autumn / winter collection.

Keep up with us @jadealyciainc on Instagram for more playful reels and captivating fashion content. This is only the beginning of more exciting things to come!