Spring / Summer 3020

Soho Rooftop

Since 2016 Jade Alycia's sustainable luxury fashions have clashed Parisian street style with handmade etiquette crafting one of a kind couture treasures from curated vintage pieces into covetable masterpieces. Chicly designed with the trendsetter in mind are collections of haute couture, handbags, fascinators and upcycled designer denim dueling as artwork.

Bridal 3020

Blank Studio

Fall into the concept of hibernating your summer essentials and unpacking your autumn wardrobe with Jade Alycia’s sustainable seasonal creations. This handmade collection inspired by the transitioning palette from hot steamy days into chiller temps fulfills all your burning desires for a look just ripe for the occasion. Take cues from nature by adding a couture accent to your posh apparel with rustic colorways and burnished earth tones uncovering your path.


The Garden Party


Autumn / Winter 3020

Central Park

With flourishing landscapes all around, Jade couldn't help but be inspired by nature for the spring collection. Lush meadows of grass and blooming flower beds instantly took root in my designs. She envisioned a garden party filled with sustainable fashions like floral appliquéd handbags and fancy fascinators that mirrored freshly picked bouquets. Each curated look is hand picked from my very own closet creating a lookbook worthy of looking. Enjoy The Garden Party.


Belmar Beach

Resort 3020

What truly makes the 2019 bridal capsule collection extra special is the purity of every sustainable yet timeless Jade Alycia piece. Inspiration for this love struck line aroused from the desire to accentuate the uniqueness of each handmade design. With a vision for a lookbook that would resemble a vintage wedding album filled with black and white photography, Jade began curating some looks. Each photo would capture intimate moments with the bride creating a keepsake for years to come. To emphasize a fairy tale ending Jade incorporated lyrics from the love song, Perfect by Ed Sheeran for photo captions as a way to slowly unveil the endless love story between covenant & couture.

You may now kiss the bride.