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7 Reasons Why Our Rainbow Stud Collection Is Made Just For You!

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Jade Alycia's signature lightweight Rainbow stud collection is designed to bring comfort, longevity, sustainability and of course style to your jewelry collection. Inspired by Jade's love for a classic everyday stud earring, this handmade collection is created from recycled luxe leather scraps and colorful crystals, transforming every vibrant shade of the rainbow into wearable art. Here are 7 reasons why our rainbow stud collection is made just for you!

#1 An unbreakable design

Tired of your earrings breaking on you? Say hello to our most durable pair of earrings yet. Backed using luxe recycled animal hides and topped with hard as a rock crystals are the statement studs you never knew you needed.

#2 Light as a feather

Ever feel the weight of your jewelry pulling on your earlobes? You know that uncomfortable feeling. No more worrying about the weight of your newest pair of cute earrings. Each one of our Rainbow studs are created to be light as a feather, oftentimes forgetting that you even have them on.

#3 Endless color options

Choose from a wide range of colors in our Rainbow stud collection. With 13 different shades to shop from how does a fashionista choose? Here's a tip, pick a pair closest to your birthstone or just one in your favorite color. Having a variety of options makes it easy to treat yourself to more than one pair!

#4 Easy everyday style

No matter what color you end up choosing, each pair elevates your everyday style. Taking your look from ordinary to extraordinary in a matter of minutes. We'd love to see you wearing your studs in everything from your most stylish basics to your classy cocktail dresses. These studs will become the new staple in your daily wardrobe.

#5 sustainable fashion

We've recycled, refurbished and repurposed luxe leather scraps and crystals to handmake the Rainbow Stud collection to bring comfort, longevity and everyday style to eco-conscious fashion goer. In order to maintain sustainable practices, our custom made to order process requires one to three days to produce a single pair of studs.

#6 A timeless staple

It's simple, our stud earrings never go out of style.

#7 You can't get just one pair!

Just like your favorite pair of shoes, one color just isn't enough. We recommend picking three pairs to wear on rotate and repeat. While you're stunning in one pair, store

your other jewels in one of our jewelry holders for safekeeping.

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