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Best Ways To Wear Your JUMBO Keychain

For the first time ever, we introduced our new jumbo-sized keychains as a fashionable way to bring meaning to an everyday accessory. Prior to this debut, we have only designed our keychains in sizes mini and large in-house by our skilled team of artisans. Each one of our sustainable handmade leather tassel keychains is first measured, cut, assembled and then designed to stand for something you believe in. Once completed, they are carefully packaged and stored away until it's time to put them on full display. Here are the best ways to wear your JUMBO keychain!

There are two clear-cut options when it comes to styling these jumbo-size tassels. Option number one put it on full display or option number two be a little more reserved. Because these keychains are meant to be seen, let's first show you how to go all out when styling this oversized accessory.

By simply adding our decorative 9.5 inch suede keychain to the side of your favorite handbag you've instantly put your personal touch on a piece you already cherish. Doing this will allow your statement-making keychain to be seen, admired and talked about when on the go so get ready to receive tons of compliments. Here we've styled our crystal-embellished Fulfillment keychain, designed to visually express the feelings of gratitude and sense of accomplishment one experiences while fulfilling their purpose, with our iconic leather Rainbow Vision mini bag for a bold match-up.

Now if you would like to go a little less bold and more reserved, latch your keychain onto a set of keys. This way it can still be seen but at your leisure. This is a good option if you prefer not to be the center of attention, but still desire to wear what you love. An added bonus to this is that our jumbo keychains help make it easier to track down commonly misplaced small items, like your keys. Its oversized silhouette makes it easy to spot and its colorful design makes it more memorable to recall the last place you had it. Who knew keychains could be so useful?

At Jade Alycia Inc. our small accessories are designed to be just as colorful and purposeful as our larger ones. Our keychain collections are more than just a small accessory. They are conversation starters, world changers and statement makers all in one. Shop the collection in its entirety plus find an extended range of others on our Keychains page. You'll definitely want to add this one to your personal collection!

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