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Artist Spotlight: The Queen's Quarters

This month we are shining the spotlight on an incredibly talented African American female artist & decor designer, Terry Webber of The Queen's Quarters. We choose to feature The Queen's Quarters because of her unique handmade pieces that each have a story to tell. Terry's medium of choice to work with is resin, often incorporating luxurious embellishments such as stones, crystals, gold leaf and glitter just to name a few. She creates a variety of functional artwork that can easily be gifted to men and woman or as Terry calls them, Queens and Kings.

The vision for The Queen's Quarters blossomed from Terry's love of art and her ability to be creative. She wanted to design original pieces that can be used as functional decor. In May of 2020 at the height of the pandemic, Terry decided to turn her hobby of creating home decor pieces into an official business. Thus, The Queen's Quarters was founded. She started small, using the online space and social media to her advance to spend the word about her artwork and connect with like-minded Kings and Queens.

Within the first few months of business Terry had designed enough pieces to be able to keep up with the demand. One of her earliest designs were prayer clips in the shape of crowns. This piece quickly become a best seller and sold out within days of its release. Another popular piece that quickly made it's way to the best sellers list were her custom crosses. Like the clips, the crosses too came in a wide range of colors and embellishments but the crosses served a different purpose. The prayer clips were crowns encrusted in beads and crystals made to hold prayer requests or prayer lists of the recipient. Whereas the crosses were designed simply as decoration but still held sentimental value to the receiver of the gift. The Queen Quarters carries a plethora of gifts for the home of Kings and Queens such as vanity trays, coaster sets, vases, vase sleeves, jewelry holders, paintings, crosses, wall decor and more.

Over the reminder of year the demand for Terry's custom artwork continued to grow. With many repeat customers The Queen's Quarters become the go-to destination for custom birthday, anniversary, holiday, house warming, and appreciation gifts. When asked what she believes Terry shares, "We as women must know who we are, whose we are and who we represent." She goes on to say, " We are Queens. At Queen's Quarters there are items that can be used in your palace or sanctuary. We have items for you, your space, and your King. The Queen’s Quarters is where you can find handmade items for yourself, home , office , prayer room/closet, or as a gift. I believe women are Queens and our homes are our castles."

After seeing Terry's work in-person we were in awe of the beauty and impeccable detail of every piece. The beautiful and the luxury of each work of art was undeniable. From that moment on we began seeking pieces that we could shoot and display our products with. Needless to say it felt like a match made in heaven often collaborating on photoshoots using everything from colorful rainbow coasters to blinged out product platforms. Like many of her clients, we couldn't just stop at one piece.

However, the vision for The Queen's Quarters doesn't just stop at home decor, the dream Terry had was bigger than that. The artwork was only the first part of what she had in mind. She not only wanted to make an impact on the lives of the women who purchased her pieces, but she wanted to take it step further and make a positive impact on the lives of women (young mothers especially) who were in need. Queen's Quarter's 2 a shelter for women was established to fill that need. When how did the idea of a women's shelter come about Terry shares, "The idea came from God and He has allowed me to steward the dream. We are located in New Jersey. We help to uplift women in their valleys, rough areas of their journey by supplying help. Help would be a safe environment. Shelter, food, wisdom, clothing, love, and help with placement in work or school."

In closing, Terry leaves us with these last few words, " Remember God's Word, Verily I say unto you in-so-much as you have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren you have done it unto me. MATTHEW 25:40"

Visit the to view Terry's artwork and follow @queenquarter on Facebook to stay connected. To make a donation to the Queen's Quarters 2 women's shelter please visit for more information on how to give.

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