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Discover The Best Pieces To Store In A Jewelry Box

Have you ever wondered, "what pieces from my jewelry collection should be stored away in a jewelry box?" We recently asked ourselves this very same question while designing our newest collection of jewelry storage pieces just for you. It's common for jewelry lovers to opt for the ease of hanging jewelry storage displays. They go great with a bedroom or closet aesthetic and are relatively inexpensive. However, these kinds of jewelry storage options can be one of the worse and most damaging when it comes to properly storing away your jewelry. Today, we're answering your question of which pieces you should be storing away in a jewelry box and why. So, if you've been struggling to make a decision we provided a few pointers that will be sure to ease your mind.

What are the best pieces to store away in a jewelry box?

You may be surprised to learn that silver jewelry does best when it is stored away after use. Taking this extra step to care for your sterling silver pieces not only increases the longevity of the piece, but it also helps prevent scratching to the surface of the soft metal.

How do you store jewelry in a box?

We recommend dividing your jewelry box into two parts, one side will store the larger pieces in your collection like bracelets or watches and the other side will store your smaller pieces like earrings or rings. For the side holding your smaller pieces, gently place them in an organized fashion. The idea is to have them freely float around without damaging other jewelry pieces in the box. For the side holding your larger pieces, pick up a few small velvet pouches or a pack of polishing cloth to place the larger pieces into before putting them in your jewelry box. That way the pouch or polishing cloth will help to prevent tangling with the smaller pieces that are floating about as well as limit the amount of air exposure inside your jewelry box.

It's best to stay away from using plastic bags as a long-term way to store your jewelry. Plastic storage can cause damage to the metal and gemstones on your jewelry pieces. If the use of plastic bags is unavoidable we recommend only storing your jewelry in them for a short period of time such as three to five days and then safely transferring them into a velvet or felt pouch.

What are the best jewelry boxes to use?

We're glad you asked! Stackable velvet-lined jewelry boxes like ours are the best ones to use when safely storing jewelry. The velvet acts as a moisture absorbent and barrier to prevent premature tarnishing of pieces. Stackable jewelry boxes make it easy to store boxes in thin dresser drawers as well as in built-in closet systems. The bonus is that our jewelry boxes have an open display at the open allowing you to see exactly what's in each box without ever having to open it up!

Who invented the jewelry box?

Here's a little fun fact we bet you didn't know. The presentation of jewelry is considered to be the ultimate expression of royalty, authority and wealth. It remains unclear of who exactly invented the first jewelry box however, its origin is not. Macy's is known to have listed the jewelry box in 1948 as one of its top 10 best-selling Christmas gifts. Prior to the 1940's jewelry boxes doubled as musical boxes that safely held fine jewel pieces and gemstones of the wealthy as far back as the Middle Ages.

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