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Introducing Limited Edition Luxury Leather Headbands

Headbands aren't going out of style. In fact, they are in greater demand now than ever before. Is it because hair accessories are what's trending or because millennials are becoming more comfortable with embracing their inner boldness? To be fair we say it's a combination of both. This season we continue to honor our Parisian-American heritage with the addition of a few new handcrafted accessories, introducing luxe leather headbands.

Covered in crystals from end to end is a limited edition band cohesively created as a continuation of our recently released Heritage jewelry collection. Our new headbands have a special story to tell. Each wrapped in high-quality leather and embellished with hand-set crystals are a total of five crowns waiting to be worn. Each one holds its own unique meaning coming in a range of wide and narrow bands topped with tons of vibrant sparkle.

When styled properly, (gingerly tucked behind your ears and casually placed at the crown of your head framing your face) headbands can in fact make you look more youthful and polished. Not only do they naturally pull your skin taut ever so slightly, but they also have a youthful association that can liven up an outfit while still being age appropriate. And the best benefit of all is when your hair just isn't cooperating, headbands can always tame it, instantly saving you from a bad hair day.

This must-have hair accessory of the season comes in five bold shades; orange, yellow, olive green, blue and lavender. Each non-slip headband is handcrafted with a suede underbelly helping to keep your tressels perfectly in place while on the go. Where are the opposite side of the hide as known as the supple leather side adds natural padding and comfort behind the ears. Imagine the ease of slipping off your headband without the tangling of your hair or the headache after wear.

How do you pick the best band? We are glad you asked! Headbands are considered to be a personality piece and a unique way to show off your sense of style. The first thing to think about is silhouette. Do you prefer a small band, wider band or a mix of the two? Next, consider the fabrication. Are you a satin ruched kind of girl or are you a modern polished metal type of woman? Follow up with picking a color. Do you like a more neutral look that can go with anything or do you like a colorful statement piece only to be worn for special occasions? Lastly, choose your embellishments! Are you classy girl who likes to keep with pearls and crystals or are you more of a minimalist who prefers to pass on the sparkle?

If you're looking for headband that checks off all the boxes of a bold millennial woman like yourself, we recommend wearing our Crown of Joy, Blessing or Peace bands. Each exclusive handmade piece is designed to make you stand out and shine. Shop the limited edition luxury leather headband collection here.

Searching for subtle ways to tie together your headband with your entire look? Try getting a pair of rainbow-colored earrings from our signature stud collection. Be sure to shop a shade that you already have incorporated in your outfit.

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