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STATEMENT KEYCHAINS: Stand Up For A Movement You Believe In With Colorful Accessories

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

KEYCHAINS, everyone looks at them as a simple decoration for their keys or handbags, but what if that keychain symbolized a topic or matter that you were passionate about? On Friday, August 28th we debuted drop two of our statement keychain collection. Introducing five new recycled leather handmade keychains that are just as colorful as the world around us. Staying true to the original vision for this small, yet powerful accessory, Jade expanded upon the idea of creating keychains that stand for movements you believe in as a fashion goer by giving you DOUBLE the length, TRIPLE the sparkle and LUXE materials this go around.

Each one of one design shows off your sense of style and presents the opportunity to share your story with others while making known your beliefs all in a single accessory. Pretty powerful isn't it? Now let's dive into what each one means!

The first keychain in the new collection is the Unity Keychain, embellished with hand-set rainbow crystals representing the coming together of people from all races, backgrounds and genders as one. Next up, we've got the Happiness Keychain embellished with hand-set yellow crystals symbolizing eternal joy as it reminds you to smile with every sun-soaked sparkle. Following, is the Generational Wealth Keychain embellished with hand-set emerald crystals symbolizing your future assets that will carry on your success for generations to come. Fourth, is the Peace Keychain embellished with dark blue, aqua and light blue crystals representing the calming sensation of your thoughts and emotions while allowing the rebalancing of positive energy to flow freely. Lastly, is the Bright Future Keychain embellished with hand-set iridescent pastel rainbow crystals that sparkle the light of your future right in front of your eyes to remind you of all the good things yet to come.

In the midst of our keychain launch, we wanted to do a little something extra. We decided it was time to do our very first Instagram GIVEAWAY! The prize was a handmade faux-leather keychain embellished with pink and red hand-set crystals, and our signature J & A letter charms symbolizing Compassion for oneself and having it for others. Watch the replay of Jade announcing the WINNER and personally introducing you to each piece of the collection @jadealyciainc. Are you ready to wear what you believe in? Shop the new leather keychain collection here.

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