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THE SKY'S THE LIMIT: See How We Are Rocking Our Rainbow Bags For Summer!

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Keep your head in the clouds while we keep serving you trending ways to accessorize our rainbow clutches from the summer collection. Get ready for style tips that will

definitely turn up the HEAT!


The most fun and easy way to play dress-up is with a cool pair of shades. The trick is finding the most flattering frames for your face shape. We recommend trying on a few different styles until you find the perfect fit. If you find yourself still struggling to pick the best pair, here’s a tip. Commonly, round and D-frame sunglasses look best on round face shapes, cat-eye and large frames look best on heart-shaped faces, narrow cat-eye and abstract shaped frames look best on square face shapes and rectangle and aviator-style frames look best on oval face shapes. Once settled on your top three favorites, wear them on rotate & repeat allowing your crystal clutch to be the center of attention.


Talk about summer glow? Lay out and soak up the sun while wearing our eco-friendly earrings. Each dazzling pair illuminates your unique sense of style all on its own. Put

on your cutest bikini and snap a sunset photo showing off how you accessorize. Discover

more statement-making styles from our eco jewelry line here.


Don’t be fooled by the rocks that we’ve got! Believe it or not, this trend is hot. Chucky wedding band-style rings are no longer only reserved for taking vows. Stack on the sparkle with red, emerald, navy or violet colored stones to complement the rainbow colors on your crystal clutch. Want an even better way to accessorize our bedazzled clutches? Add a personal touch by slipping on two gold letter rings that display your initials.


Can you top this? Millinery sequined to perfection. We sure don’t think so! Find your matching headpiece or better yet make a custom request. Either way, you’ll be wearing the piece that best compliments your sustainable style and your one of a kind handbag. Shop more head-turning headpieces here.


Be a sparkling ray of sunshine wearing crystal-embellished hairpins in rainbow hues. Use several to pull back and pin behind your ear for a side sweeping style or use to decorate your updo alongside other statement-making pins. Our favorite way to wear them is side by side any of our eco couture creations.



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