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How To Style Pink & Red Accessories For Valentine's Day

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Pink and red can be two of the most difficult colors to style when it comes to fashion. One can make you look washed out while the other can be a bit intimidating to take on. Not to worry! We are here to give you a few tips on how to style pink and red accessories in a way that works on anyone ready to come out of their comfort zone.

Tip #1: Make Your Accessories The Star Of The Show

When picking out an outfit to wear for Valentine's Day try to stick with two to three colors that work together well with pinks and reds. Styling colorful accessories can be tricky, but aids for a lovely style statement. Other colors that best compliment pops of pink and red are white, black, brown and like colors. If you stick with this color palette for your ensemble your accessories with be sure to stand out.

Tip #2: Stack On The Sparkle

Simple yet, elegant jewelry like our Rainbow Studs in crystal clear are the perfect way to make your earlobes shine while not taking away from your pink and red accessories. These classic pieces should be a staple in any fashion goers jewel box for special occasions such as this!

Tip #3: Don't Be Afraid To Accessorize

We encourage you to pick out one to two more accessories to wear in addition to your original pink or red one. This could be a small leather keychain like Covered, our red crystal-embellished one or a vibrant statement headpiece like our sparkling Royal Vision fascinator. A little extra glam goes a long way when it comes to personal style.

For more ways on how to style pink and red pieces for Valentine's Day check out how Jade quickly accessorized these six fashion-forward looks in this video.

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