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RECYCLED LUXURY: A Inside Look At How We Source & Design With Pre-loved Animal Hides

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

Who said leathers, furs and exotic skins can't be repurposed?! Did you know that the United States meat industry generated 31.1 million cattle hides, 4.4 million pig skins and 2.3 million goat and sheepskins in 2016? The leather industry purchases these hides and skins from the meat industry that would otherwise go to waste and transforms them into covetable leather hides. Creating leather is the best alternative to managing the high volumes of hides and skins sustainably and affordably.

Here's how we fit into this circular fashion system. Jade Alycia Inc. sources ONLY from vendors with pre-loved animals hides. At the end of the lifecycle of a pair of leather boots or a fox fur vest we purchase and upcycle. Our mission in this zero-waste design method is to ensure that the furs, exotic skins and luxury leathers that are already in circulation do not go to waste after the wearer no longer wants them. Let's face it fashion-goers change their style and switch out their wardrobes on a continual basis, which is why buyback companies such as The Real Real, Thread Up, Rebag & local thrift shops are on the rise. These types of sought after luxury materials still hold value though they have been worn and have aged.

We help to reduce waste in the luxury fashion industry by repurposing these pre-loved pieces to create eco couture handbags, headpieces, jewelry and fashion accessories. What was once worn as a jacket is now refashioned into your new favorite box clutch made from recycled supple leather topped with endless sparkle, lavish embellishments and lots of personality. What was once worn as fall footwear has now been reimagined into a unique fascinator made to combine sustainability with style while turning heads!

Even the small leather scraps or cut-offs don't go to waste in our studio. We repurpose the smaller animal hide scraps to create our keychain collections, decorate our handmade jewelry pieces and trim our fancy fascinators. Our motto "recycle, repurpose, refurbish, refashion" is more than just a slow-fashion cliché, its a new-age form of designing and product lifecycle for us.

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