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What It Means To Be A Sustainable Brand In Fashion

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

What does it mean to be a sustainable brand in fashion? Many luxury brands struggle to define this while many fashion goers have secretly pondered this same question. Why is that? Is it because brands are struggling to truly understand what sustainability is in order to convey that to their audience or is it because eco-friendly products are in greater demand by the consumer, but aren't exactly making the true impact on the planet that they are hoping to. On a quest to always remain transparent and authentic to our brand values, we are here to answer your questions and share what exactly it means to be a sustainable brand in fashion.

Why all the confusion?

So you may be thinking to yourself why is it that there is so much confusion on what exactly is deemed sustainable and what isn't. Shouldn't brands be familiar with this sector of fashion? The truth is there are lots of grey areas when it comes to sustainability in fashion. What one person can deem an item as being sustainable whereas the same item may not fit the next person's standards of being enough to be considered sustainable. Brands do have extensive knowledge in this field however, many are not truly dedicated to the cause. Some brands use the word or label "sustainable" or "eco-friendly" as a way to push up the price tag, but not exactly the quality. If you've ever taken a moment to look at the fabric contents tag of a sustainable item to see the percentage of how much of it is truly recycled, reused, refurbished, or repurposed you will find inconsistencies across the board. More often than not you will find an extremely low percentage of actually sustainable materials included in an item's content tag, thus making it practically not sustainable at all.

What qualifies as sustainable?

As mentioned before every brand has its own standards of sustainability. However, there are general unsaid guidelines in the fashion industry that are implemented or considered when wanting to be more eco-friendly. Those would include how much of a particular waste product can be transformed into a usable material, what would be the lifecycle of the new products using the recycled material, where can these materials be sourced at a reasonable profit margin, and how much of this renewed material do we have to include with the other contents of the product in order to deem it sustainable to the consumer.

Why do fashion goers opt for a more sustainable wardrobe?

There are many reasons why fashion goers like yourself opt for a more sustainable wardrobe. Most commonly, many are in the quest to live a more sustainable lifestyle. In other words, you want to help slow global warming and help save the planet even if it means purchasing fewer fashions or purchasing fashions that are more in alignment with your purpose.

What are some common ways brands portray sustainable standards?

Common ways brands portray sustainable standards is by implementing eco-friendly design methods, pursuing truly sustainable resources and creating internal structures for proper recycling protocol.

What makes us a truly sustainable brand?

Sustainability is at the core of our brand values. As a designer label we aim to bring clarity and transparency to this seemingly gray area of fashion in order to truly be authentic to our customers. We ethically source and curate non-traditional materials to create accessories that are equal parts sustainable and stylish. Our process of upcycling pre-loved pieces into new handmade fashions that are up to 100% sustainability guaranteed, helps us to actively reduce the fashion industry's waste levels. At the same time, we remain truly dedicated to the cause.

Can eco-friendly fashion be both sustainable and stylish?

Yes! Like you, our CEO & Founder, Jade Alycia, awed at the benefits of ethical fashion but struggled to find trendy styles from eco-friendly labels. Potential finds were a rarity and not very promising, often times containing only a fraction of recycled materials used to create. Feeling disappointed and confined by designers for the lack of commitment to the cause and the scarce variety to choose from, Jade was determined to make a change. In 2016, she decided to take a stand for sustainability so that as a brand we can stand for the women who seek the luxury of eco-friendly accessories plus all the rewards.

For more sustainable and stylish options visit our handbag, headpiece and jewelry pages for to shop truly eco-friendly fashions.

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