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WISH LIST: Shop The Top Gifts We're Wishing For This Holiday Season

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Gifting is hard! What if you had a cheat sheet for your holiday list? A place where it will tell you exactly what that person wanted without ever having to ask. We're sharing the top gifts every fashionista would love that so happen to also be what we're asking for this year.


It's your time to shine! Ranging in size, silhouette and color are over 30 pairs of our stunning statement earrings to choose from. Each pair is handmade to uniquely show off your sustainable style. We love these because of the versatility in every design, easily taking you from day to night or from work to play with just a simple outfit change. You can't go wrong with picking a pair in their favorite color. This year we're asking for two pairs in the color red!


Ready to give a little something extra special this holiday? Our limited edition jewelry gift boxes are hand-painted to instill joyful new beginnings. The contrasting color selection of each one is made to bring you a fresh start as we head into the new year. Why is it at the top of our list?! Simple, we love decorative storage. Our gift boxes are the perfect size to store stunning statement earrings and other jewelry. We're adding the jewelry gift box in pearlescent white to our must-have holiday wish list this year.


Don't we all love a pretty handbag? Especially the ones you'll never find anyone else wearing. Our one of kind handbags are handmade for over the top occasions when you're looking to travel light in style. Just big enough to hold your on-the-go essentials are our micro, mini and tote sized bags. With over 50 unique designs to choose from the Merry Plaid mini bag is the one we're asking for. Gift someone special a handbag that they'll

never forget.

In search of more great gift ideas for family & friends? Check out our Ultimate Gift Guide for stocking stuffers, gifts ideas under $50 & more.

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