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How Millennial Brides Are Still Feeling Glamorous On Their Wedding Day In Spite Of Covid

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Amidst the recent challenges presented by covid 19, there still remains the question of what to wear on your wedding day. Yes, brides are still calling for those elaborately beaded gowns with classic silhouettes however, the attention has now traveled from the dress to the accessories. You may ask, have bridal accessories really changed? Are brides-to-be still seeking all the glamour of an upscale wedding? The answer is yes. Bridal accessories have greatly changed and yes brides are still wanting to feel glamorous on their wedding day in spite of covid. Though brides are being forced to greatly downsize their wedding festivities they still desire the glitz and glamour of it all. They want their special day to still feel "special" even though it may look different. So what's a woman to wear alongside her wedding gown? Here are several accessories millennial brides are starting to wear.

Accessory #1: Head-turning Headpieces

Now more than ever having a photographer to capture photos to share with family, friends and followers of your big day is a must-have. Why not be photographed in style? Classic yet, modern headpieces are currently on-trend. Whether veiled or unveiled millennials are searching for timeless styles decked in sparkle and feminity. We fell in love with this one for brides because it is both Instagram worthy and truly exemplar, say hello to our Made Whole bridal headband. Encrusted with diamond-cut crystals and satin ribbon details is a crossover style headpiece young brides are can't wait to get their hands on. This piece effortlessly adds glamour to your wedding gown while allowing you to stand out in photos, live videos and in person. Every woman deserves to feel like a queen on her wedding day.... we just found your crown!

Accessory #2: Statement Studs

Millennial brides are looking for more than just a rock on their finger. They want an extra set of rocks in their ears. Because these young brides are refusing to give up the along-awaited glamour of their special day they are discovering unique ways to celebrate their wedding day in style. Here's how they're doing it, two words... statement studs! The everyday earring has just got a mini makeover for special occasions with bigger crystals and more of them. We like to thank our Rainbow Stud in crystal clear for its lovely debut in our recent bridal accessories collection campaign. Coming in a range of thirteen heartwarming colors to color coordinate with your wedding day ceremony. Each pair is handmade to transcend the times making for a stylish statement stud that you just can't get one pair of.

Accessory #3: Bridal Bags

Brides-to-be are taking the idea of a wedding day keepsake to new heights. They're trading the customized wedding day decor and party favors for personalization bridal bags. Whether embellished with crystals spelling out a name, date or soon to be status or garnished with luxe fabrics, millennial brides are adding these handbags to their wedding day wish list. The smaller size of these bags adds to the glamour of it all. Just large enough to fit the essentials while being held in your hand is the new way millennials brides are keeping the glamour in their wedding day. Find one of a kind bridal bag styles like our True Love mini bag and Pure Heart mini bag to add to your own wish list here.

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