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BLACK-OWNED BUSINESSES MATTER!: How We Are Standing For Love As A Black-Owned Fashion Brand

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

In light of the protests for justice regarding the sorrowful passing of George Floyd and the fight against racism towards the African American community, we as a black-owned brand who stands for love above all else felt that it was only second nature for us to use our voice to stand up & and speak out. The times that we are living in are truly telling as to where we are as a people. We must learn to love and not hate and to change for the greater good by helping to educate one another on the touchy topic.

As we stand in solidarity and sympathize with the colored community we have decided to use our social media platforms this week starting on #blackouttuesday , June 2nd to June 7th to raise awareness and to take a stand against racism. Beyond our brand's core values of sustainability & style, we stand for LOVE & equality! Love for all nationalities, love for all backgrounds, love for all sizes, love for all shapes, love for all lives.

Join us in an effort to make our collective voice heard by following us on Instagram or Facebook, tagging us in your #blacklivesmatter artwork, quote, photo, or resource to be reposted to our story. Together we can help make the world a better place.

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