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RAINBOW PROMISES: Jade Alycia Inc. Refuses To Be Another Monochromatic Brand In Fashion

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Using color to represent your brand seems to be somewhat of a taboo in fashion. Only the most adventurous of the brands attempt it's challenging concept. The pairing of contrasting colorways in a way that pleases the eye is a true talent that not all possess. There seems to be an unsaid notion that black and white logos and branding are the way to come across as professional in the fashion industry. In order to be taken seriously as a designer many opt for the absence of color in their branding and gear themselves more towards a "safe" neutral color palette because it's easier to work with. No doubt all black is a clean and modern look for any brand, but where is the creativity? Where is the originality that is so alluring in fashion and that’s the best way to distinguish your label from what's already on the market? Where are the true leaders in the fashion that aren't afraid to venture out from the norm and try something new? Jade Alycia Inc. challenges that idea of the norm by refusing to be another monochromatic label/brand in fashion. In fact, we aren't afraid of color we freely embrace it. We use color to bring your sense of style to life.

Fashion should be fun, so why try to muzzle it? For those who are new to our sustainable accessories brand, welcome home! If you love unique style, a variety of colors, and being the only one wearing what you have in your wardrobe than we are perfect for you. Our rainbow color palette, vibrant hues and use of unconventional materials work together to form our one of a kind handmade handbags, headpieces, jewelry and fashion accessories.

Each season Jade likes to take her inspirations from the world around her and re-imagine them in rainbow formation, but make it FASHION. Many designers shy away from such a colorful palette, but we wouldn't be who we are as a brand without it. Every piece not only brings a smile to the faces of our eco-conscious fashion goers, but each accessory spreads the message of joy, hope and happiness through color. Each design also gives the opportunity to the wearer to connect with others through fashion by sharing their story of what each collection and/or piece represents and why it resonates with them.

It’s time that we as a brand stand up for what we are passionate about and push the boundaries of fashion. " We wouldn't change our rainbow aesthetic for the world. For we will change the world with our rainbow-colored lenses ." - Jade Alycia

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