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OUR WHY?: Jade Alycia, The Creative Mind Behind The Upcycled Namesake Label, Shares How It All Began

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

"Originally, when I first started designing I was going in the direction of making sustainable haute couture gowns. However, after learning and experiencing the process of creating a few myself, I found that what worked best with my design style was small projects."

In March of 2016, Jade took a once in a lifetime trip to Paris, France while studying Fashion Studies at Montclair State University. During her senior year there she was accepted into a special travel abroad course that would allow her to study the fashion of France and then briefly visit its fashion capital, Paris at the start of spring during the peek of Paris Fashion Week.

During her four day stay, she would be introduced to the birthplace of haute couture, Parisian streetstyle and become fully emersed into the French culture. All of this combined plus the sightseeing of historical landmarks, the trendiest places to shop fashions and ultimately running into Kanye & Kim Kardashian West would push her to start her own brand soon after her departure back to the states.

Upon her return, she felt extremely inspired to create new fashions, but she wasn't exactly sure of what. Jade began constructing an idea for a new garment, but just didn't feel motivated enough to finish it. "I yearned to create something more, something different, something that took more creativity. I took a look around my house for materials that could be used to create something unique and that's when I had the epiphany. I could recycle materials to design women's handbags!", Jade exclaims.

"I started experimenting with making my first ever handbag which came about from the frustration of wanting to design garments, but not staying inspired enough to see each design through to completion. I fell in love with the first finished design/prototype of our signature box clutch and it took off from there."

In September of 2016, Jade officially launched her sustainable women's accessories brand, Jade Alycia Inc. She started her brand with a desire to help recycle industry waste through unique design. Part of her inspiration came from the Parisian street style fashions she saw on her trip and the other from her love of couture. "I continued started creating by designing stand out alone handbags which than grew into small capsule collections of 6 different looks", She explains.

In 2018 at New York Fashion Week Jade debuted her first-ever coordinating fascinator hats inspired by the Royal wedding of Harry & Meghan. This new addition would take off and forever change her brand and later allow her to venture into creating an eco jewelry line

for a head to hand sustainable look.

"I was tired of struggling to find eye-catching eco-friendly handbags, headpieces and jewelry that are made from 100% sustainable materials when shopping. Often times I was left feeling frustrated and disappointed by the lack of fashion's commitment to the cause of sustainable fashion. I decided to design my own line of accessories that would restore the freedom to the eco-conscious fashion goer to express her own sustainable style while reaping all the rewards!"

Exclusively shop Jade's one of a kind handmade eco couture handbags, fascinators, jewelry, and bridal collections on Purchase yours before its gone!

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