Virtually Meet Our Heritage Jewelry Collection For Spring/Summer 2022

Updated: Mar 31

Fresh out the design studio is our newest jewelry collection for spring/summer. This season we decided to take our trendsetters on a virtual vacation. The destination? Take a wild guess...that's right! Paris, France. The home of our humble beginnings, couture fashion, luxury at it's finest and so much more. So get ready to make room in your wardrobe because you have now just boarded your first-class trip to Paris.

The first stop on this virtual tour was to one of our favorite landmarks in Paris, the iconic Eiffel Tower. Marveled at by day, twinkling by night sits the 1,063 foot historic structure that symbolizes the 100th year celebration of the French Revolution. This very same spot is where our CEO & Founder, Jade Alycia stood 6 years ago today and fell in love with the Parisian culture and most importantly the fashion. This new collection of statement earrings is one we hold very near to our heart because each piece is uniquely tied to our heritage and humble beginnings.

As the days drew closer to the set launch day we went on to share more of our brand's Parisian-American story. Like how it all started while visiting Paris back in 2015 during Haute Couture Fashion Week. Jade Alycia became inspired by the Parisian street styles she saw and the art of couture fashion. After spending a week in France and then departing, she couldn't help but reflect on her life-changing experience. It resonated with her so much that she began to design new garments upon her arrival back home in the states. During her design process, she realized that she didn't have the manpower or resources to consistently produce sustainable collections of this intricacy or magnitude. That's when the idea to design sustainable accessories instead had SPARKED! It was then Jade began to experiment with designing luxury handbags from recycled materials. Why? Like you, Jade awed at the benefits of ethical fashion, but struggled to find trendy styles from eco-friendly labels. Potential finds were a rarity and not very promising, often times containing only a fraction of recycled materials used to create. Feeling disappointed and confined by designers for the lack of commitment to the cause & scarce variety to choose from, Jade was determined to make a change. In 2016 she launched Jade Alycia Inc. and decided to take a stand for sustainability so that together we can stand for the women who seek the luxury of eco couture accessories plus all the rewards.

Before we virtually departed from Paris back to the states, we shared one last thing... a colorful teaser of a few more pairs of earrings from the new collection. Inspired by our CEO's favorite french dessert, are statement earrings arriving in a range of colors the shades of delicious macaroons topped with a choice of 18 karat gold or sterling silver luxe metal hardware. When asked what Jade's most loved pair from the collection was she answered, "My favorite pair of earrings from the new collection is hands down the yellow ones!"

In true Jade Alycia Inc. fashion on launch day we celebrated the arrival of the new collection with all of you on Instagram and Facebook live. This season's virtual launch party personally introduced all twelve vibrant color choices to viewers by Jade Alycia herself. To shop all the latest pieces from the new collection visit our jewelry page. To connect with us on social, follow us on Insta @jadelaycia.

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