ETHICAL EARRINGS: Discover Our Largest Jewelry Collection Yet

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

This autumn we debuted our very first collection of fall-inspired ethical earrings. Our earrings are known to make a fashion statement while being fully made from luxe sustainable materials. This fall's handmade collection was our largest jewelry release yet. Staying true to our signature rainbow color theme are ten show-stopping pairs of earrings that embody the full essence of what the season is all about.

Jade sided with muted shades of plum, mustard, tangerine, fuschia and green to work with throughout the collection while creating leaf silhouettes as the trendsetting shape of the season. Jade explained, "When it comes to fall, I am most captivated by the beautiful transition of the color palette of the leaves from rich deep green to brown, golden yellow, orange, red, purple, and burgundy. It's like a nice little surprise because you never know which leaves will end up turning which colors. I love the element of surprise!"

Along with a variety of colors to work with Jade also wanted to play with different leaf shapes, sizes and motifs. Jade shared that, "I wanted to give the eco-conscious fashion goer a bit of variety this season by introducing our dangle and stud styles." Our VIPs sure did respond. In fact, these new silhouettes were so popular that many sold out during pre-order sales to our VIPs. Jade goes on to say, " For our statement earrings I decided to be bold and incorporate our signature J and A lettering into the design and really make it the focal point of the piece. I wasn't sure how our fashion goers would respond to our label name being overtly present, but I went with my gut and followed through with my original design and they were just as popular as the dangle styles."

In closing Jade said, " I wanted some earrings that would bring all the drama and others that would be less drama filled, but still bring style. I know as a trendsetter myself that I'm always longing for options in my jewelry box so why not give that to our customers." You can now shop the seasonal release exclusively on the jewelry page on

Press play to catch the replay of our virtual launch party where Jade personally introduces the newest pieces from the autumn jewelry collection to our fashion followers on Facebook.

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