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Presenting Summer's Luxury Line Of Sustainable Handbags

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

Over the past few weeks, we've been teasing some behind-the-scenes photos of plush velvet fabrics on social that we enjoyed working with to create this season's newest collection. Now the time has come to share what we've been working on. Let's meet the new arrivals!

On Friday, July 9th our summer line of sustainable handbags made its official debut. Designed to be a part of the larger Heritage collection, first released back in late March. Since then several capsule launches have been unveiled totaling an incredible twenty-two accessories in its entirety. The collection includes twelve pieces of statement jewelry, five luxe leather headpieces and five coordinating designer handbags. When asked what put the finishing touch on this collection, Jade shared, " No collection of ours is ever complete without a complementary line of handbags. One of the staple accessories in any JA woman's wardrobe. This small yet personality-packed piece is how our brand all began. Handbags were the first-ever accessory we crafted and carried."

Here, Jade's styling our signature Joy clutch with our Eiffel Tower statement earrings and Crown of Fire luxe leather headband. " I wanted the collection to be fun. So I chose to work with vibrant colors, bold match-ups and signature sparkle.", Jade stated. The textile of choice this season was sustainably sourced hand-dyed silk velvet, a delicate yet rewarding fabric to work with. The fabric its self is very luxurious both in touch as well as appearance. Ensuring that the soft textile isn't damaged while handling, can be a tedious task when passing through the hands of our team. At Jade Alycia, we value sustainability and style second to quality craftsmanship, placing your mind at ease. Jade expresses that, " I love working with pre-loved materials. I take great pride in recycling, repurposing, refurbishing and refashioning vintage textiles, embellishments and more. It takes a lot of time to go the extra mile in sourcing these critical pieces for every collection, but knowing that each design that I create is helping to reduce the fashion industry waste levels is all the reassurance I need."

Like previous collections, the Joy clutch along with each bag from the collection holds its own unique meaning. Re-introducing Joy, this golden-yellow handbag celebrates happiness in its purest form sparkling, shining and bringing joy. Next up is Fire, tangerine in color and ready to ignite your inner boldness with intense color that will surely light your fashion flame. Presenting Favor, a fuschia-colored bag rewarding you with its high-class sparkle and elegance made to show you favor. Following is Blessing, covered in deep blue velvet putting all the best of prosperity on display with like-colored crystals made to show off your blessings. Last is Peace, immersing you in tranquility with its muted lavender-like hue helping you walk in the fullness of peace.

Jade sums up the design process and the debut of our summer accessory collection with this final statement, "Each collection I design with purpose, functionality, sustainability and style all in mind. Sometimes the names and meanings of each piece come during the creation process and other times it comes long after the piece is finished and I have a moment to look back at the collection as a whole. It is then, that I am able to take a deeper look into each design individually and brainstorm what it stands for independently, but also what it can mean collectively when styled with other pieces from the collection. I'm always thinking of what 'fashion statement' do I want to make that will also make an impact in the lives of others. My designs aren't just accessories they are confidence builders, conversation starters and memory makers."

For a limited time only shop Jade's look directly from our homepage. You can also browse the latest styles of statement earrings from the collection in our previous feature titled, Virtually Meet Our Heritage Jewelry Collection For Spring/Summer 2022 as well as experience the essence of the alluring headpieces from the season in Introducing Limited Edition Luxury Leather Headbands story highlight. To view the collection in its entirety visit our Heritage collection page.

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