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NOW I SEE: Envision Your Future In Style Wearing Our Autumn/Winter 2021 Collection

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Life may not be perfect but we are here to give you 2020 vision of your future self in style this fall. Imagine your life full of personal success, great fashion, strong faith and clear vision. No longer do fashion goers have to hide behind simple sustainable designs. Now you can see the beauty in your own wardrobe with the addition of these new accessories.

This season Jade's inspiration derived from the concept of visualizing the rainbow all throughout the year and tying the biblical meaning of colors to each design. "I wanted to keep our colorful aesthetic as part of the theme for cooler seasons, but reimagine it in rich jewel tones. Then I thought each color stands for something, why not mix the two together?!" Thus the inspiration for the Now I See autumn / winter 2021 collection was established.

Diving a bit deeper into the creative mind of Jade herself, she took the concept of the collection a step further by handmaking the signature VISION bags of the season. With the sole use of recycled leather hides, repurposed faux furs and refurbished jewelry Jade designed four mini bags equipped with eyes to see into your future prosperity, faith, style and more. Perfect for whenever you feel unclear about your vision, hold up your bag to eye level and envision your promise-filled future! Say hello to our Rainbow and Royal Vision handbags pictured above here.

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