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The Best Accessories To Wear For An Iconic Street Style Look At London Fashion Week

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

London Fashion Week is notorious for two things, being one of the most exclusive fashion week events on London's fashion calendar and for its well-tailored street-styled guests. Not only is the invite list for the shows very tight-knit, but so are the attendees. This year London Fashion Week is going virtual with a digital live stream available to the public. Allowing for easy access to fashion goers from around the world to tune into the latest designer showings. Now is the time to message your most stylish friends and set up an online watch party. If you're like us, watching fashion week online never stops you from looking fashion-forward behind the screen. Whether you're watching from home or attending the socially distanced shows, here are the best accessories to wear for an iconic street style look at London Fashion Week.

Accessory #1: Simply Statement Earrings

Statement earrings don't always have to make the biggest or loudest "statement". Though most are designed to be lavishly embellished and over-the-top Londoners are optioning for the simplified styles. The statement earrings that come in classic colors like gold or silver, are embellished with timeless pearls or a little sparkle and can be worn to the office or out to play are the pairs fashion goers in London are reaching for. These minimalist-inspired jewelry pieces go well with double-breasted blazers and well-tailored outerwear for the foggy weather. Try our Shining Star 18 karat gold-plated dangles in silver or gold or our Coco statement earrings for an iconic street style look.

Accessory #2: The Classic Clutch

Whether big or small, slouchy or structured, hand-held or under your arm, the classic clutch is a London Fashion Week accessory staple! Most worn in pops of color like orange, purple or blue and in the everything goes shades of nude are handbags just big enough to fit the important stuff. If you're on the hunt for unique mini bag or clutch styles shop our Vision Bags in leather and faux fur, or our Rainbow Sequin Box Clutch.

Want more tips on how to style statement accessories? Click here to get yours!

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